Program and Abstracts

Alex Amenta (Delft)
A first-order approach to elliptic boundary value problems with complex coefficients and fractional regularity data

Wolfgang Arendt (Ulm)
Diffusion with non-local boundary conditions

Andras Batkai (Vorarlberg)
Boundary delay problems

Charles Batty (Oxford)
Holomorphic functions which preserve holomorphic semigroups

Adam Bobrowski (Lublin)
On Hille-type approximation of degenerate semigroups of operators

Krzysztof Bogdan (Wroclaw)
Heat kernel of anisotropic nonlocal operators

Andrea Carbonaro (Genova)
Bounded H^\infty-calculus for generators of analytic contraction semigroups on L^p spaces

Robert Denk (Konstanz)
Generation of semigroups for linear plate equations in L^p-Sobolev spaces

Moritz Egert (Paris)
Cauchy-Riemann system for non-autonomous parabolic PDEs

Tom ter Elst (Auckland)
The Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator on exterior domains

Stephan Fackler (Ulm)
A new approach to the Akcoglu-Sucheston dilation theorem for positive contractions on L^p-spaces

Yoshikazu Giga (Tokyo)
Analyticity of semigroups in end point spaces

Jochen Glück (Ulm)
Long term behaviour of positive operator semigroups

Alexander Gomilko (Torun)
On the approximation of bounded C_0-semigroups via completely monotone functions

Bernhard Haak (Bordeaux)
Exact observation of a wave equation on non-cylindrical domains

Markus Haase (Kiel)
The square function(-)al calculus

Robert Haller-Dintelmann (Darmstadt)
The Kato square root property for mixed boundary conditions

Matthias Hieber (Darmstadt)
Mild and strong periodic solutions to semilinear evolution equations

Birgit Jacob (Wuppertal)
Input to state stability of evolution equations

Marjeta Kramar Fijavz (Ljubljana)
Second order differential operators on L^p([0,1],\mathbb{C}) with general boundary conditions

Sebastian Krol (Torun)
The Fourier embedding theorems

Peer Kunstmann (Karlsruhe)
L^q-Helmholtz decomposition on periodic domains and applications to Navier-Stokes equations

Christian Le Merdy (Besancon)
Subordination on K-convex spaces

Nick Lindemulder (Delft)
Maximal regularity with weights for parabolic problems with inhomogeneous boundary conditions

Alessandra Lunardi (Parma)
Surface measures in Banach spaces

Giorgio Metafune (Lecce)
Sharp heat kernel bounds for a class of parabolic operators with singular coefficients

Mustapha Mokhtar-Kharoubi (Besancon)
Compactness properties of perturbed sub-stochastic C_0-semigroups on L^1-spaces

Sylvie Monniaux (Marseille)
First order approach to L^p estimates for the Stokes operator on Lipschitz domains

Jan van Neerven (Delft)
Weyl calculus with respect to the Gaussian measure and L^p-L^q boundedness of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup in complex time

Diego Pallara (Lecce)
Heat semigroup and perimeters: the local and the nonlocal cases

Lassi Paunonen (Tampere)
Asymptotic behaviour of infinite systems of differential equations

Jan Prüss (Halle)
Critical spaces for quasilinear parabolic evolution equations and applications

Abdelaziz Rhandi (Salerno)
Unbounded perturbations of the generator domain

Jan Rozendaal (Warsaw)
Stability theory for semigroups using (L^p ,L^q) Fourier multipliers

Lukasz Rzepnicki (Torun)
Polynomial stability and a system of coupled strings

Jürgen Saal (Düsseldorf)
Multiplication in anisotropic spaces and applications to quasilinear systems

Marcel Schmidt (Jena)
Uniqueness of form extensions and domination of semigroups

Felix Schwenninger (Hamburg)
H^\infty-calculus and the Weiss conjecture for L^\infty

David Seifert (Oxford)
Asymptotic behaviour of periodic systems

Mark Veraar (Delft)
Operator-valued L^p-L^q Fourier multiplier theorems

Hendrik Vogt (Bremen)
L^\infty-estimates for the torsion function and semigroups dominated by the free heat semigroup

Jürgen Voigt (Dresden)
On holomorphic dependence of forms

Lutz Weis (Karlsruhe)
Stochastic non-linear Schrödinger equations on manifolds

Jared Wunsch (Northwestern U)
Decay of damped waves on noncompact manifolds without geometric control

Valentin Zagrebnov (Marseille)
Construction of dynamical semigroups by a functional regularisation a la Kato

Boguslaw Zegarlinski (Imperial College)
Construction and ergodicity of dissipative dynamics in noncommutative spaces

Hans Zwart (Twente)
An ideal of H^\infty with a bounded functional calculus