Contemporary quasianalyticity problems


April 19-27, 2017: School & Workshop, Contemporary quasianalyticity problems (Warsaw)


Organisers: Alexander Borichev, Marseille, Mikhail Sodin, Tel Aviv, Yosef Yomdin, Rehovot


Lecture courses:






"Quasianalyticity" is a common term for various phenomena when a uniqueness theorem valid for analytic functions continues to hold in some classes of non-analytic functions. The classical theory of quasianalytic classes of functions was developed in the first half of the 20th Century by Denjoy, Carleman, Bernstein and Beurling. Since then, it became a flourishing area connected with various areas of complex and harmonic analysis and spectral theory of operators. In particular, deep results were obtained in the 1970-s and the 1980-s by Dyn'kin and Volberg.

In recent 15-20 years, theory of quasianalytic classes found new unexpected applications in other areas of mathematics such as real algebraic geometry, o-minimal structures, dynamical systems.

Our purpose is to bring together mathematicians working in different areas of mathematics and interested in the quasianalyticity.